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Win the "What's that smell" board game !

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Ideal board game for the holiday season !

The party game that stinks! What’s That Smell? is the hilariously fragrant new guessing game that will throw your sense of smell into overdrive. Guess the scents correctly to outrank your family and friends or suffer the stinky consequences of the Whiff of Shame! The Player with the most points at the end of the round gets to REEK havoc. Literally! How? By deciding who must smell one of the 4 outrageously pungent stank cards: Extra Old Toe Cheese, Diaper Blowout, Hot Chunky Vomit, or Smothered in B.O.

For added fun, capture your friend’s recoiling face in super slow motion using the ReekCam available in the What’s That Smell? app! (App and smart device not included)

Let the nostril flaring begin!

Game includes 48 mystery whiff cards, a sheet of whiff strips, 4 stank cards, cardholders and a scorepad for 2-6 players ages 14+.

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